Mosaic & Muro Installation

• For keeping the good order between mosaics pieces inside the packs, please be informed that mosaics are laid in 6 rows and should not exposure to water and not remain humid places.

• Keep mortar, glue/ adhesives, grout, sharp and rough materials away from mosaics’ surfaces. Mosaics have very sensitive surfaces and could not be cleaned easily.

• Before installation, it is better to cover the mosaic surfaces with paper adhesives until the end of tiling.

• For correct installation, please use tile adhesive with good quality and cross joints. The used adhesive should not be watery and must be thick to dry fast.

• The flat and smooth places are suitable for mosaic and muro installation. When the wall infrastructure finished, you can spread the glue on wall according to mosaic shapes.

• For fast and right laying of group mosaic with glue, you can use a flat and inflexible sheet that has similar shape to mosaics, and then install the mosaics on the sheet with plastic hammer. Pay attention that the edge of installed mosaics should be cleaned before installing next mosaic.

• In order to reducing the expansion problems, it is better to consider spaces in the corners of walls.

• After installation and before drying, the remained glues and grouts on the mosaic surfaces should be cleaned with wet sponge/tissue completely.

• The metal surfaces could be affected by acids and alkali materials so for cleaning you should use existing neutral detergents of markets.

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