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Tabriz Tile industrial group attends architects and builders exhibition of Tehran branded buildings


October 2019

Lottery on 98/07/14 at Tabriz Tile factory among the environmental and survey from submitters and awarding winners


October 2019




Names of winners of survey forms

1- Afrayem Jafarpour (Ardabil - Ragina Gallery)

2- Ebrahim Rouhani (Noushahr - Nour City Branch)

3- Vorya Hariri (Tabriz)

4- farzad Mohebbe Ali (Tehran - Milad Gallery)

5- Esmat Moradi (Gohardashat - Proma Gallery)

6- Shamdani (Tehran - Shiraz Ave)


Name of winner of enviromental protection

1- Hani Sobhani (Karaj - Proma Gallery)

2- Hamid Nashroudi ( Tehran - Modenis Gallery)

The Stand Of Paydar Tejarat Cream Co. in 19th International
Exhibition Of Industry And Construction Tehran
Mordad 1398
 August 2019  

Opening of the new branch of Sari city Dear Mr.Nabavi

August 2019  

Tabriz Tile Industrial Group Won The Top Brand Of The Year

August 2019  

Another golden leaf on Tabriz Tile honors

It is proud to announce that in the sentence No. 117417 dated 27 July 2019, the Ministry of the Interior (Provincial Government of east Azarbaijan), Mr. Haj Samad Hasanzadeh, Managing Director of Tabriz Tile Industries, Was appointed as the adviser to the governor of non-oil investment and export affairs.


It is hoped that their existence will always be a source of good and fortune for the vast province of East Azarbaijan and Iran.


July 2019



The seventh national festival of honoring the efforts of the country

In the sevebth national festival of honoring the efforts of the country, Mr. Haj Agha Samad Hasanzadeh, Managing Director of Tabriz Tile company, has neen honored as the best enterpreneur in the field of tile and ceramic industry.


June 2019



Obtaining of CE Certificate

The Tabriz Tile Group products have an international CE certificate that is used by export customers as needed.


May 2019



The Fourth Conduct Of Certification and Obtaining a Statue Of Consumer Rights.

Tabriz Tile company at the "Observing Consumers Rights" congress, which was held in April of 1398 with a large number of factories and large companies, after conducting the nessary examiniations, won and recived the plate and gold status of "Best Obsering of Consumer Rights" It,s great honor to demonstrate its continued commitment to observing customer rights and product targeting, and to continuously improve quality.


April 2019



Visit of Dear Dr. Rahmani The Minister Of Industry, Mine And Trade, From Special Showroom Of "Tabriz Tile Group" Products in Baku- Azerbaijan.

"The Year Of Boosting Production"

April 2019



Mr. Samad Hassanzadeh, the managing Director of "Tabriz Tile",were selected as national face of industry and entrepreneurial in the seventh festival of superior social security organization; Sending our warmest congratulations to "Tabriz Tile" great family and wishing prosperous and continuous flourishing in the years to come.

February 2019



Get The Nobel Prize For Superior Brand Entrepreneurship.

February 2019



Notifies that cooperation with Mr.Mohammad Haghighat as sale agent of these companies in the Kish island Ceased and the Sharax Kish company, under the management of
Mr. Ahmad Reza Zeraatkar, has commenced its activities as new sales agent of These companies  in the Kish island.

January 2019



Awards to the winners of the survey from and environmental protection winners, consumers of the Tabriz Tile Products and Kergres which were announced during the live lottery in Instagram, and the awards were handed over by the respected representatives of each city and photos of winners was registered.

September 2018


The name of the winners of environmental Protection

1) Mr. Majid Asghari From Tehran

2) Mrs. Maryam Amini From Tehran

3) Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Azarmi From Tehran


The names of the winners of the survey form

1) Mr. Hamid Kafshgar From Tehran

2) Mr. Alireza Montazeri-al Ghaem From Isfahan

3) Mr.Sasan Haqiri From Isfahan

4) Mr. Hadi Komeili From Tehran

5) Mr.Taha Tabacha From Qazvin

Tabriz Tile & KerGres Pavilion in 24th International Construction & Interior Exhibition Moscow-Russia (BATIMAT RUSSIA 2018)

23 April 2018

Hereby we are so honored to announce that on the beginning of the Iranian new year (Norouz 1397) and start a new chapter in the field of industry, The Agent exclusive of Tabriz Tile and Kergres in Kiev city of Ukraine launched and has started to work as the first Iranian mono brand shop with 200m2 area in one of the best section of this city.

Due to diverse and highly competitive quality of European products it has welcomed to construction companies, architects and the public.

Thanks to the Gold and all the colleagues who are active in main office and factory, we wish success, happiness and many great days ahead and hope to have further development  of the export markets in near future.

5 March 2018

Tabriz Tile & KerGres PavilIon, in 38th International Building Industry Exhibition, Dubai 2017

27 January 2018

Tabriz Tile & KerGres Pavilion in 23th International Building Industry Exhibition, Almaty-Kazakhstan (KAZBUILD 2017)

27 January 2018

The autumn 1396 was one of the most honorific seasons in “Tabriz Tile” business activities and acquired three provincial and country superior titles.

2 December 2017

In “the 6th Industrial, Mining and Trade Research & Technology Festival”, Tabriz Tile was honored to get “country superior research and development center” award and be certified as the owner of premier technology and massive investor in research, updated production and technology-machinery development of “Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade”.


In “the 23rd National Congress of Iran Non-Oil Export Development “, Tabriz Tile was honored to acquire “The Provincial Premier Exporter” award of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture.

This award indicates the continuous efforts of Tabriz Tile Export Department to be developed in global markets.


In “The World Standard Day” , Tabriz Tile was honored to acquire “The East Azerbaijan Province Superior Qualitative Unit” award and the Quality Control Manager of Tabriz Tile has succeed to get “The Provincial Superior Quality Control Manager” award of East Azerbaijan Standard Administration.

We owe these achievements to non-stop efforts of Quality Control Managements and hardworking staffs of Production Line.

These honors added another golden leaf in Tabriz Tile honorable history and demonstrate its high rank abilities in production and presentation of best products in Tile and Ceramic industry and also indicate the knowledge of managers and personnel, so hereby we congratulate these honors on all valuable colleagues, agents and consumers and wish acquire more and continuous honors abreast of each other for years.

Regarding to customer oriented policies, at the end of 1395 "Tabriz Tile" and "Kergres" companies could get three new ISO systems as below:


1- ISO10002-2014:

Provides guidance on the process of customer satisfaction and complaints handling related to products quality, packing, transportation, sales agents behavior, information, and totally includes product guarantee in all size and in all sectors since purchase until tile lying.


2- ISO10004-2012:

Provides guidance in defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customers satisfaction.


3- ISO100015-1990:

Provides a training system that includes company commitment of managers and employee training programs in organization and also training the human resources who are out of the cycle that encourages human resource continuous improvement.

Tabriz Tile & KerGres Pavilion in International Interbulid Africa Exhibition 2016

15 AUGUST 2016

Mr. Mohammad Amin Naderi As The First Man In Protection Of Environment.

02 NOV 2016

Unit Ranked The Quality Of East Azarbiajan Province.

23 OCT 2016

Customer satisfaction base on more willingness.

07 OCT 2016

Tabriz Tile News Photos

Sharing separation of cardboard of tiles and ceramics from wates in order to protect the environment.

07 OCT 2016

Tabriz Tile News Photos

Iran is the 4th World Tile & Ceramic Producer

28 JAN 2015

Proper management of Tabriz Tile Industries co. has selected as president of the chamber of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture in East Azarbaijan province.

Public Relations and International Affairs at the first stage of voting Eighth Chamber of Tabriz Tabriz Chamber of Commerce elections, Mr. Haji Samad Hassanzadeh (CEO Tabriz Tile Industries) with the majority of votes were attributed to the head of the room

Tabriz Tile industries have been chosen among hundred brands value and Technology as the top brand in the ceramic tile industry in Iran

28 JAN 2015

Opening of Tabriz Tile Industries and Kergres in Hamburg-Germany

28 JAN 2015

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