Tabriz Tile industry is established in 1362 and is built and operated in year 1374 in the field with the width of 15 hectare and 20000 transmitting the shares and beginning of state of hard work and Perseverance of new share holders from year 1377 and taking appropriate measures into consideration it leaded in high quality production which caused a big evolution in Tabriz Tile. In year 1382, this unit developed the Floor Tile saloon as a joint venture with a Spanish factory who is one of the biggest ceramic factories of the world and in year 1384 could start up the production of Floor Tile under the brand of  Keraben with capacity of annually 2.500.000 m2.Now the ceramic products of this factory can compete with worlds best ceramic producers as the export statistics of this factory to many of countries specially middle east and even European countries exhibits this fact.

Tabriz Tile, Best for your Life


We dream about creating new horizons in which freedom is everywhere, about reaching new goal, about creating a world in which design becomes part of our lives and we are able to contemplate and admire it in all its beauty. That day has arrived and well show it to you in this site.

Respect For The Environment


Our Products is the result of the culture and mentality, the company philosophy in primarily is based on innovation and quality and our concern is in relation to environmental sustainability.

In Tabriz Tile, we believe the environment because we know that to become a company with a bright future we should accept responsibility of this planet to where have given importance to technology, human and economic resources. so we can have to access to pervent enviromental impacts thus to create our eforts and guarantee staf security and our around environmental.



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