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Obtaining a Statue of the Highest Booth Exhibition by Booth Paydar Tejarat Ceram Company at the 17th International Building Exhibition.

27 August 2017

Opening of proma Gallery wich new decorated with Tabriz Tile and keraben ceramic production in karaj Paydar Tejarat ceram sales agent.

22 August 2017

Regarding to customer oriented policies, at the end of 1395 "Tabriz Tile" and "Keraben Ceramic Tabriz" companies could get three new ISO systems as below:


1- ISO10002-2014:

Provides guidance on the process of customer satisfaction and complaints handling related to products quality, packing, transportation, sales agents behavior, information, and totally includes product guarantee in all size and in all sectors since purchase until tile lying.


2- ISO10004-2012:

Provides guidance in defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customers satisfaction.


3- ISO100015-1990:

Provides a training system that includes company commitment of managers and employee training programs in organization and also training the human resources who are out of the cycle that encourages human resource continuous improvement.

Opening of Mr. Bayati Gallery which new decorated with Tabriz Tile and Keraben Ceramic production in Hamedan

15 JULY 2017

Create second branch of Tabriz Tile & Keraben Gallery in Babolsar

06 JULY 2017

Opening of Mr. Sadeghi Gallery in Urumiyeh

06 JULY 2017

Mr. Mohammad Amin Naderi As The First Man In Protection Of Environment.

02 NOV 2016

Unit Ranked The Quality Of East Azarbiajan Province.

23 OCT 2016

Customer satisfaction base on more willingness.

07 OCT 2016

Tabriz Tile News Photos

Sharing separation of cardboard of tiles and ceramics from wates in order to protect the environment.

07 OCT 2016

Tabriz Tile News Photos

Iran is the 4th World Tile & Ceramic Producer

28 JAN 2015

Proper management of Tabriz Tile Industries co. has selected as president of the chamber of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture in East Azarbaijan province.

Public Relations and International Affairs at the first stage of voting Eighth Chamber of Tabriz Tabriz Chamber of Commerce elections, Mr. Haji Samad Hassanzadeh (CEO Tabriz Tile Industries) with the majority of votes were attributed to the head of the room

Tabriz Tile industries have been chosen among hundred brands value and Technology as the top brand in the ceramic tile industry in Iran

28 JAN 2015

Opening of Tabriz Tile Industries and Keraben Ceramic in Hamburg-Germany

28 JAN 2015

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